Our services

Due to our many years of experience, we check your requests for feasibility and maintain, clean, repair and adjust your units. We'll gladly advise you on add-ons and modifications, and we'll set up your units according to ISO standards prior to commissioning.

Services that set us apart


Want to generate a gas vapor mixture from unusual components or in very low or very high concentrations? We'll check the feasibility using our empirical data or perform our own trials. Get in touch with us, and let us help you out with your task!


We recommend regular maintenance for HovaCAL®-, HovaPOR- and HovaGAS units to ensure the long-term precision of your gas and gas-vapor mixtures. We'll check your units for proper functioning, clean gas- and vapor-contacting surfaces and adjust the built-in sensors and gauges. Go ahead and make an appointment with us!


If your HovaCAL® or HovaGAS ever needs repair, your unit is in good hands with us. And we're also happy to help with modifications, e.g. for higher gas flows or add-ons. Go ahead and make an appointment with us!


For all IAS GmbH units, as well as the scales we distribute, we issue factory calibration certificates. The built-in mass flow controllers (MFC) for gases and mass flow meters (MFM) for liquids are reset to national standards and standard measuring instrumentation with the help of our reference units. These reference units are calibrated by accredited calibration laboratories on a regular basis. DAkkS (National Accreditation Body for the Federal Republic of Germany) calibration: Upon request, we also offer gas flow rate controller calibration as per DIN ES ISO/IEC 17025 through DAkkS-accredited test and calibration laboratories.