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Our core competences

We are specialists in our field!

Our company develops and manufactures precision equipment for generating gas-vapor mixtures for a wide range of applications. Therefore we combine our unique evaporation systems with various methods of liquid and gas dosing. This allows our units to evaporate different liquids over a very wide dosing range. This results in the generation of continuously streaming and high-precision gas-vapor mixtures, which can be used both for gas analysis and in process engineering.

Hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, mercury compounds, ammonia etc. – Where these critical test gases of critical components are required, the HovaCAL® calibration gas generator, the centerpiece of our product portfolio, has established itself as a standard tool for testing emission monitoring systems.

In addition to our standard products, HovaCAL®, HovaGAS and HovaPOR, we also develop and manufacture customer-specific systems for all areas of gas analysis.

Our company

<h3>Our company</h3>
IAS GmbH is a owner-operated company headquartered in Oberursel near Frankfurt am Main.