The HovaPOR series universal evaporators

HovaPOR evaporators generate pulsation-free vapors and gas-vapor mixtures from completely different fluids. Different types of evaporators and evaporation methods can be used, depending on the application.

When choosing the right evaporator, the main factors to consider are the flow rate, the liquid to be evaporated, temperatures and pressures.

We differentiate between

  • gas assisted and
  • gas-free
evaporation methods. The carrier-gas method always requires a minimum gas flow in order to ensure that evaporation is complete and pulsation-free. Gas-free evaporators can be used to generate pure vapors.

Generally, in all evaporators, the dosing of the liquid must be appropriate for the type of evaporator. That's why we offer the the right dosing unit to go with each evaporation issue.

HovaPOR is available in different sizes and versions: for minimal quantities from a few microlitres per minute to kilograms per hour. To cover a very large area, different evaporator sizes can also be combined and connected in parallel.

Using appropriately adjusted reheaters, the gas vapor mixture can be super-heated and offered under high pressure.

In our experience, many evaporation tasks can only be solved individually and require a precise understanding of the requirements. We're sure our HovaPOR evaporator series can solve your task, too. Contact us today!

HovaPOR scope of delivery is compiled individually with the customer and project in mind.
In addition to water, HovaPOR evaporators are suitable for many other media such as:

  • Alcohols and organic solvents
  • Test fuels
  • Aqueous acids and alkaline solutions
  • Metalorganic compounds