Dew point controlled gas humidifier

HovaDEW is an innovative method of humidifying process and calibration gases. A precision pump is used to dose water in an evaporator and mix it with a carrier gas stream.

A rapid dew point sensor regulates the pump delivery rate to the desired target humidity.

HovaDEW is particularly suited to gas temperatures between 10 °C and 80 °C. The dew points can be up to 60 °C. Depending on the gas stream and dew point range, the HovaDEW method is custom-configured to the customer's requirements. We're happy to provide a consultation.

HovaDEW systems are compiled individually with the customer and project in mind.
Advantages over conventional methods:

  • Allows you to directly set the dew point or vapor concentration
  • Functions independently of total flow rate
  • Allows you to quickly set the humidity
  • No mass flow controller required means cost savings