Test system for automotive activated carbon filters

Activated carbon containers in cars serve to reduce the evaporative and refuelling emissions of fuels. The fuel vapors are buffered in activated carbon filters (ACF), which are then regenerated as air is sucked through the ACF and returned to the motor.

When ACFs are developed and designed for new vehicle models, the suction profile is first logged with the help of HovaCAR and the actual vehicle. The HovaCAR connected up to a vehicle, and a corresponding driving profile is driven on the chassis dynamometer or on the actual road. HovaCAR plots the vehicle suction profile associated with regeneration and generates a corresponding file. With this file, the HovaCAR can be used, without a vehicle, to reproduce the suction profile as many times as desired. Moreover, the suction profile can be modified or edited by adjusting the file. The temperature in the ACF, as well as the adjacent differential pressure, can be logged simultaneously.

The HovaCAR comes with ViewCAL Software and accessory parts.
HovaCAR units can perform the following functions:

  • Logging an actual suction profile with the vehicle on the chassis dynamometer or under realistic conditions on the street.
  • Reproducing the suction profile without a vehicle
  • Editing the suction profile
  • Logging and predefining negative pressure
  • Simultaneously logging differential pressure and temperature