HovaCAL® digital SP

The HovaCAL® with extremely wide dosing range

What makes HovaCAL® digital SP different from the other HovaCAL® units is its integrated, continuously working injection dosing pump. This allows for an extremely wide dosing range, from 250 nl/min all the way to 5 ml/min, depending on the size of syringe used. Thanks to the use of glass and PTFE, this pump is also resistant to organic solvents. This makes the HovaCAL® digital SP a universally applicable calibration gas generator for organic and inorganic components. Due to the very low liquid feed rates, it is especially well-suited for generating small and medium vapor concentrations of standard substances, such as organic solvents. To check gas detectors, any solvents can be used, provided they are liquid under typical ambient conditions: e.g. acetone, benzene, ethanol, hexane, methanol, nonane, propane, toluene, xylene, etc. In combination with an integrated gas dilution system (HovaCAL® digital SPK version), vapor concentrations of a few ppm can be generated. Using volumetric liquid dosing in conjunction with complete evaporation, as well as controlled flow regulation, the unit produces highly precise gas vapor mixtures of practically any material existing as a liquid.

HovaCAL® digital SP and SPK are also used for generating low moisture contents. Typical dew points with the SP model are below -40 °C and with the SPK below -80 °C, corresponding to 100 ppm and 1 ppm water vapor.

The HovaCAL® comes with the HovaPOR evaporator, the ViewCAL software program and accessory parts.