HovaCAL® VOC is an extension of the HovaCAL® digital SP for lower concentrations

Thanks to a heated, integrated and stepped gas dilution system, this unit can be used to obtain extremely small concentrations, even for pure substances. Depending on the configuration of the unit, gas concentrations from ppm to ppt can be achieved. Moreover, several components can be dosed independently of one another and thus, complex gas-vapor mixtures can also be obtained, which can vary in their concentration independently of one another. This allows us, for example, to examine cross-sensitivity in the trace range. In addition, a specified humidity can be set which can likewise vary independently of the component concentrations. Due to the consistent heating of all gas-contacting surfaces, surface effects are largely minimized. These effects would otherwise lead to extreme distortions in the trace range.

HovaCAL® VOC is used when you need to precisely, reproducibly generate reference and test gases in the ppb- and ppt range: e.g. in the development of trace measuring technology, such as in ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) or in mass spectroscopy.

The HovaCAL® comes with the HovaPOR evaporator, the ViewCAL software program and accessory parts.