HovaGAS – gas mixer

Extreme accuracy with mixtures of up to twelve gases

HovaGAS is a versatile and highly accurate gas mixer for up to twelve gases. The combination of thermal mass flow measuring technology and digital electronics results in immensely increased accuracy.

The mass flow controllers function independently of pressure and temperature across a wide range and highly linear thanks to polynomial calibration. Additional gases and gas mixtures can be stored in the integrated library of gases, which can be expanded by the user. The digital Gasmaster unit is responsible for control, visualisation and automated gas flow calculation

Also integrated is a parametrisable shut-off function triggered when a limit value is underrun. HovaGAS can be operated either manually using a user-friendly touch screen, or remotely from a PC, using ViewGAS a convenient software based on Lab-View.

HovaGAS can be used to quickly and easily check gas analysers for linearity and end point, as well as generate gas mixtures for test benches. In combination with HovaCAL® calibration gas generator, these gas mixtures can also be humidified.

The HovaGAS comes with ViewGAS software and accessory parts.