HovaCAL® digital MF

The portable HovaCAL® with two or more gas channels

With the HovaCAL® digital MF, IAS GmbH has answered the call for a compact calibration gas generator for all gaseous components used in emission monitoring. The unit's integrated flow rate sensor is particularly suitable for corrosive, aqueous liquids, such as HCl-, NH3- or Hg-containing solutions and, of course, water. The sensor characteristic curve can be checked and adjusted as needed at any time using an internal calibration menu.

HovaCAL® digital MF is available in different versions: as a portable or desk top unit, with multiple gas channels and up to two temperature controllers – e.g. for heated pipes.

As a portable unit with two or more gas channels, the HovaCAL® digital MF is used for checking stationary emission measuring systems installed, in accordance with the 17th German Fed. Immission Act, in waste incineration plants or in waste co-incineration systems. As a result, all gaseous components of emission monitoring can be checked: the gas components present as cylinder gases, as well as water vapor and hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride, ammonia or mercury compounds.

The latter are components that are either unavailable as cylinder gases or difficult to manage as such because of their strong surface effects – long transient response times or even lower results due to surface adsorption can occur. This is intentionally avoided by generating hot, humid gas-vapor mixtures.

Moreover, the HovaCAL® digital MF is distinguished by the fact that it can be operated without an external scale: This is a major advantage with rough ambient conditions (vibrations, etc.) in everyday use.

The HovaCAL® comes with the HovaPOR evaporator, the ViewCAL software program and accessory parts.
Advantages of the HovaCAL® digital MF:

  • Integrated flow meter for liquids
  • Self-regulating to specified concentrations
  • Compact and easily transportable inside a case
  • Direct display of gas and vapor concentrations
  • A unit for all gaseous components involved in emission monitoring
  • Fully computer-controlled
  • All sizes traceable to primary methods